History of AUN Academy (Secondary)

AUN Academy was originally named ABTI Academy, having been founded by former Vice President Atiku Abubakar in September 2002. He saw the need for quality education, especially in the Northeast, and felt called to create an excellent secondary institution that can compete nationally and globally. In the course of time, and with the steady progress of the school, ABTI Academy became a part of the American University of Nigeria, opening the doors of the University to the Academy. The AUN Academy now works in close collaboration with the University, making many of its resources available to the Academy students.

Since inception, the Academy has been led by an array of international experts in the field of education. The first was Mr. Donald Hooper, a British educator (2002-2005). He was succeeded in 2005 by another Briton, Dr. Duncan Shaw.

In 2008, Mr. Michael Thomson, an Australian, became the third principal of AUN Academy until Ms Krista McKee, an American educator, took over in 2011 as the Vice President of AUN Schools & Educational Program. On her return to the US, Mr. Ashish Gill, who was then the Vice Principal, Principal, and Executive Director of the AUN Schools under her, took over.

Mrs. Nkem Uzowulu succeeded Mr. Gill in 2015 as Principal and Executive Director of AUN Schools.  A seasonsed administrator, mother, and firm disciplinarian, Mrs. Uzowulu has assumed the leadership of the Academy which includes AUN Early Learning Center, AUN Academy (Elementary), The Charter School (American Track), and AUN Academy (Secondary).

Over the years, AUN Academy has continued to enjoy a steady growth in spite of the challenges of insecurity and other challenges in and around Adamawa State. Steady, professional, and concerted efforts have been made in collaboration with all stakeholders to ensure the safety of our students, workers, partners, and associates. As a result and by the grace of God, AUN has remained safe and healthy.

The Executive Director believes strongly that the discipline and proper growth and development of children must be top priority. So is inculcating moral values, commitment to work, and diligence.